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Core Values

Respect is to show value and tolerate others views and beliefs that differ from their own.
Respect Does: Listen, Honor others' space, Act polite to others
Respect Does Not: Touch others' things', Act rude, Intentionally hurt others, Intentional break things.

Compassion is showing you care about others, their feelings, and what is happening in their lives.
Compassion Does: Comfort others, Listen, Support others.
Compassion Does Not: Bully, Act Rude, Tease, Call names, Blame others.

Integrity is being honest and trustworthy with yourself and others, beign loyal, and doing what is right even when no one is watching.
Integrity Does: Tell the truth, Help others
Integrity Does not: Lie, Steal, Cheat, Copy.

Cooperation is working together as a team to achieve a goal.
Cooperation Does: Accept others' opinions, Carry their own weight, Their assigned share, Consider the welfare of the group.
Cooperation Does Not: Argue, Fight, Put themselves before the group, Let others down.

Responsibility is to do what you are expected to do.
Responsibility Does: Work to potential, Take ownership for actions, Plan ahead, Act dependently, Fulfill obligations.
Responsibility Does Not: Make Excuses