Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know what my child is supposed to be doing?

A: Go to the teacher's web page and see what has been shared.

Q: Why doesn't the teacher respond right away?

A: Each teacher is creating office hours where they will check emails and respond daily Monday - Friday. Most teachers are overwhelmed with the number of emails they are receiving from their kids so please be patient.

Q: Is it too late to come get my child's laptop?

A: Email Mrs. Criss and she will make it happen.

Q: When will my 8th grader sign up for high school classes?

A: Mr. Campbell has sent sign up information.

Q: How much should my child be doing?

A: As much as they can without putting their physical and mental health in jeopardy. Schedules of times learning are best. Keeping busy is benificial. Kids really do want to interact and keep learning. Try making it fun, cooking, drawing, measuring, building.