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Winthrop Middle School is a 6-8 school and part of the Winthrop Public Schools District. The Town of Winthrop is a small town surrounded by many lakes and taken care of by an involved and supportive community. Please contact our school for information and for any questions. Our principal is Karen Criss. Our School Counselor is Lauren McHatten. Our Athletic Director is Joel Stoneton. Our Administrative Assistant is Liz Warner.

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2018-19 School Calendar

Popham 2018.mp4

Winter Carnival

Dress-Up Days


Sophia Blanco's Scholastic Art and Writing winning pieces

"Clouds at Crystal Cove"

Silver Key Scholastic Art and Writing Winner

"Challenge Accepted"

Gold Key Scholastic Art and Writing Winner

Geography Bee

This year's Geo Bee had some good competitor's. Trevor Buck was the winner but a strong showing by all!

Did you know that plastic straws can’t be easily recycled? And Americans use around 400 million plastic straws every day. As a district, we use about 3250 straws weekly, according to Teresa Maxcy, the nutrition director. Mrs. Smith’s 7th Grade Literacy class is trying to reduce this number. A lot of that plastic is going into the ocean, harming animals like this poor turtle. Skipping one straw a day can help save marine wildlife. To read more, go to the links down below.

Daily Photo 1/17/19

STEM classroom activities

Look Who gave Sylvia a ride!

A big thank you to Key Bank for their donation of 100 water bottles for our wellness program!! Adequate hydration helps to keep students focused and can prevent things such as headaches, fatigue and dizziness. We are so excited to have these available at the health office - just come and ask!!