Snowy Sunday. I laugh when I think how worried we were about snow days.

I hope you are all well. Most Middle School taechers have reached out to the students with resources, work, projects, challenges, and hellos. You can see everything that is happening from each teachers' web page. I know this is hard for parents. If I can be of any help, please reach out through email.

Instruments will go home this week.

Be well.

Karen Criss

Happy Thursday!

At this point we have handed out 173 laptops to kids. If you didn't get your child's email me and I will make it happen.

All teachers have now updated their teacher web pages and most have reached out to each of their students. Please have your child go to the link on this page, click on their teachers' pages and check out what's going on. There is so much to do while you are home. Some teachers are creating Facebook pages to showcase work or post challenges. Your child can do as much as they want.

I do not want any parents to get worked up about grades or "staying back". All work until we retun will be pass/fail. Work not completed will not be counted as zeros or missing. Your child will not be retained due to the school not being in session.

Please take care of the laptops. There are no spares and no chargers available. If your child's compter breaks it cannot be replaced.

Please visit the district web page for updates from Dr. Brown. She is the spokesperson for our district and will keep the school community informed as decisions are made.

Lunches will be provided again on Monday. A letter will come out today explaining times.

Please take care of yourselves and all who you love.

Hi All,

If you did not receive an update from Dr. Brown, please visit the district web site (under more above) and read her letter.

We will be closed until April 27.

The district will have bag breakfast and lunches available at the Grade School Between 11-2 on Monday and Wednesday this coming week. No questions asked, come get the food for your families if you need it.

Laptops will be ready for pick up at the Middle School on Monday from 11-2. (The High School and Grade School have the same hours). Mr. Stoneton and I will be on the sidewalk out front of the school to help. We will separate the laptops by grade. We will ask only one car stop at a time, and one person come get the laptop and bag. 6th garders may take their laptop home. Some chargers are in rough shape. Unfortuantely we do not have spares. We also do not have spare laptops.

If there is something you MUST have from school, please email me. I will try and accomodate you. No one is allowed in the school at this time. Please make sure it is something you really must have.

The teachers at the Middle School will offer you suggestions and resources on their individual web pages. Please reach out through email if you need something. At this point Winthrop will not participate in what is being called - remote learning. We are not set up for this. We are not trained for this. We are not ready for this. Right now it is imperative we practice the safety guidlines put out by the CDC. Things will change and they will change quickly.

I will see some pof you on Monday.

Winthrop Middle School Students and Families,

I wish we were together. I wish I could walk down the halls and ask where's your pass? It really doesn't matter what I wish, however, our reality is a very different one from last week.

Changes are coming. We are trying to make decisions based on knowledge, but everything is changing so fast we just can't keep up. The decision to close for two weeks stands. Decisions on remote learning and laptops are being discussed daily. We are hoping for more guidance from the Department of Education on expectations.

I will update here as I can and when I know facts. Please be patient. Please be kind. Please be safe.

Much love.

Powerschool Access:

Ms. Knowlton ready for the Rock Wall

Special Olympics during week of the May 13th

Winter Carnival

Dress-Up Days