Winthrop Middle School Phone Number: 207-377-2249

To contact a staff member via email, click on their name and you will be redirected to compose a message.

To contact a staff member by phone, call the phone number above and then dial their extension.

Administration and Support Staff

Name Position Extension

Lori Smail Principal 4001

Alexis Dascoulias Dean of Students 4102

Joel Stoneton Athletic Director

Meagan White Dir. Teaching & Learning 4040 Website

Lauren McHatten Guidance Counselor 4034

Amy McKinley Admin. Asst. 4000

Emily Fortin Social Worker 4011

Lori Foster Social Worker 4011

Jeannie Ross Nurse 4103

Troy Tucker Maintenance

ELA & Reading

Name Position Extension

Jodie Bennett 6th Grade 4013 Website

Ian Blanchard 8th Grade 4003

Angela MacGregor 7th Grade 4009

Jolene Perry ELA Intervention 4006 Website


Name Position Extension

Katie Boyle Math Intervention 4006

Treva Campbell 7th & 8th Grade 4005

Margo MacKenzie 6th & 7th Grade 4010 Website

Christa Roddy 8th Grade 4004


Name Position Extension

Joe Burnham 7th & 8th Grade 4002 Website

Kelcie Simmons 6th & 7th Grade 4101

Social Studies

Name Position Extension

Shelley Briley 6th & 8th Grade 4012 Website

Kate Levesque 7th & 8th Grade 4008 Website

Special Education

Name Position ``Extension

Darcy Baird Ed Tech 4016

Melanie Beauchesne Special Education Teacher 4014 Website

Stephanie Black Special Education Teacher 4014

Elke Brawn Ed Tech 4016

Jeff Fairfield Ed Tech 4016

Joyce Hopkins Ed Tech 4016

Elaine Potcher Ed Tech 4016

Theresa Sol Ed Tech 4037

Unified Arts

Name Position Extension

Daria Betts Foreign Language 4007

Amanda Knowlton Physical Education 4019

Todd MacArthur Tech Ed 4023 Website

Alison Prescott Library 4027

Jason Giacomazzo Music/Band/Chorus 4036